Documentatie mbt IHT

Om meer te weten te komen over IHT zijn deze boeken aan te bevelen:

1.Handboek IHT
redactie: Elnathan Prinsen, Bas van Wel, Niels Mulder, Nellieke de Koning.
Het Handboek kan besteld worden bij Uitgeverij de Tijdstroom.

2. Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment in Mental Health
Sonia Johnson, Justin Needle, Jonathan P. Bindman, Graham Thornicroft, Cambridge University Press 2008

3. Home treatment for acute mental disorders, an alternative to hospitalization
Dr. David S. Heath, Routledge, 2005

Onderzoeksrapporten en artikelen over IHT

1. Proefschrift Ansam Barakat:  In pursuit of the added value of Intensive Home Treatment
Promotoren Jack Dekker(Arkin) en Aartjan Beekman (GGZ inGeest) zie tabblad Platform IHT

2. Cochrane review: Crisis intervention for people with severe mental illnesses
Cochrane-review-of-crisis-intervention-Joy-Adams-Rice-edition-2 kopie
Joy CB, Adams CE, Rice K, (2007)

3. RCT en Non-RCT: Randomised controlled trial of acute mental health care by a crisis resolution team: the north Islington crisis study
North Islington crisis study randomised controlled trial
Sonia Johnson, Fiona Nolan, Stephen Pilling, Andrew Sandor, John Hoult, Nigel McKenzie, Ian R White, Marie Thompson and Paul Bebbington
BMJ 2005

Outcomes of crises before and after introduction of a crisis resolution team: the South Islington Study
Sonia Johnsons, Fiona Nolan, John Hoult, Ian R. White, Paul Bebbington, Andrew Sandor, Nigel McKenzie, Sejal N. Patel and Stephen Pilling
British Journal of Psychiatry (2005), 187, 68-75

Effects of a crisis resolution and home treatment team on in-patient admissions
Effects-of-an-intensive-home-treatment-service-on-admission-rates-2007-Leeds-UK kopie
Krishma Jethwa, Nuwan Galappathie and Paul Hewson
Psychiatric Bulletin (2007), 31, 170-172

Open all hours: 24-hour response for people with mental health emergencies
Open all hours
Edana Minghella, Richard Ford, Tim Freeman, John Hoult, Patrick McGlynn and Paul O’Halloran
The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health 1998

4. Ervaringen van IHT: Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment: The Service User and Carer Experience
Crisis resolution NAO The Service User
NAO team: Dr Frazer Clark, Shireen Khattak and Jay Nahal
Additional research: Dr Karen Linde (University of Leeds), National Audit Office, November 2008

5. Herstel en IHT

Experiencing a Recovery-Oriented Acute Mental Health Service: Home Based Treatment from the Perspectives of Service Users, their Families and Mental Health Professionals
Experiencing-a-Recovery-Oriented-Acute-Mental-Health-Service kopie
Sonja Goldsack, Michelle (Shelly) Reet, Hilary Lapsley and Mark Gingell
Mental Health Commission Wellington New Zealand, 2005

6. ACT en IHT
Changes to mental healthcare for working age adults: impact of a crisis team and an assertive outreach team
Changes to MHC for working adults kopie
Patrick Keown, Mary Jane Tacchi, Stephen Niemiec and John Hughes
Psychiatric Bulletin (2007) 31, 288-292

7. Eerste Psychose en IHT
Service innovations: Home treatment for first-episode psychosis
R. Tomar, N. Brimblecombe and G. O’Sullivan
Psychiatric Bulletin (2003), 27, 148-151

8. Ouderen en IHT
Crisis resolution and home treatment teams for older people with mental illness
crisis-resolution-and-home-treatment-teams-for-older-people-with-mental-illnesss(1) kopie
Claire Dibben, Humera Saeed, Konstantinos Stagias, Golam Mohammed Khandaker and Judy Sasha Rubinsztein
Psychiatric Bulletin (2008), 32, 268-270

9. Economische overwegingen en IHT
Impact of a crisis resolution team on service costs in the UK
Impact-of-South-Islington-CRT-team-on-service-costs kopie
Paul McCrone, Sonia Johnson, Fiona Nolan, Andrew Sandor, John Hoult, Stephen Pilling, Ian R. White, Paul Bebbington and Nigel McKenzie
Psychiatric Bulletin (2009), 33, 17-19

10. IHT in Noorwegen
An implementation study of the crisis resolution team model in Norway: Are crisis resolution teams fulfilling their role?
IHT in Noorwegen
Nina Hasselberg, Rolf W Grawe, Sonia Johnson and Torleif Ruud
BMC Health Services Research 2011, 11:96

11. IHT in Canada
Lessons from research on hospital alternatives to Inpatient care: what’s its place in the 21st century?
David S. Heath FRCPC

12. IHT in Victoria, Australia
State of Victoria, Department of Human Services, 2007

13. Controlled comparison of two crisis resolution and home treatment teams (a correction has been published for this article)
P. Tyrer, F. Gordon, S. Nourmand, M. Lawrence, C. Curran, D. Southgate, B. Oruganti, M. Tyler, S. Tottle, B. North, E. Kulinskaya, J.T. Kaleekal and J. Morgan
The Psychiatrist 2010 34: 50-54

14. Model to assess the Economic Impact of integrating CRHT and Inpatient Services: Centre for the Economics of Mental Health, Health Services and Population
Research Department, King’s College London
December 2007, Project Team: Paul McCrone, Martin Knapp and Jess Hudson